Budget Hotels

Hotel Club Amigo<br/ class="nodisplay"> Carisol Los Corales

Hotel Club Amigo
Carisol Los Corales

Baconao, Santiago de Cuba

The All-Inclusive Hotel Club Amigo Carisol Los Corales is located at Baconao Park, in the […]

Hotel Villa Gaviota<br/> Santiago de Cuba

Hotel Villa Gaviota
Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba

Staying at the Hotel Villa Gaviota Santiago de Cuba is a pleasure due to its location […]

Hotel<br/ class="nodisplay"> Balcón de la Sierra

Balcón de la Sierra

Bartolomé Masó, Granma

The Hotel Balcón de la Sierra is an attractive facility, it offers the visitor a holiday in the midst of the […]

Hotel<br/ class="nodisplay"> Bohío Don Pedro

Bohío Don Pedro

Parque Montemar, Matanzas

The Hotel Bohío Don Pedro it’s a beautiful choice in the Zapata Peninsula, south of Cuba. Its […]

Hotel<br/ class="nodisplay"> Bruzón


Plaza de la Revolución, Havana City

If your first requisite for a trip is to stay within budget, then the Hotel Bruzón it’s a suitable choice for […]

Hotel<br/ class="nodisplay"> Camagüey



A good place to relax and enjoy the Camagüey city (only 10 minutes away). The Hotel Camagüey […]

Hotel<br/ class="nodisplay"> Ciego de Ávila

Ciego de Ávila

Ciego de Avila

The Hotel Ciego de Ávila is located in the center of the same name province. This territory offers […]

Hotel<br/ class="nodisplay"> Costa Morena

Costa Morena

Baconao, Santiago de Cuba

Only 45 minutes away from the historic center of Santiago de Cuba, the Hotel Costa Morena is […]

Hotel<br/ class="nodisplay"> El Bosque

El Bosque

Kohly, Havana City

Hotel El Bosque is an extremely warm place due to its natural surroundings next to the […]

Hotel<br/ class="nodisplay"> El Castillo

El Castillo

Baracoa, Guantánamo

The Hotel El Castillo makes a perfect starting point for exploration. Located just outside the Baracoa […]

Hotel<br/ class="nodisplay"> El Saltón

El Saltón

Contramaestre, Santiago de Cuba

The Hotel El Saltón is a charming hotel placed in the slopes of the Sierra Maestra. It possesses one […]

Hotel<br/ class="nodisplay"> Elguea



The Hotel Elguea is a therapy center prepared as a fine and relaxing hotel. It possesses all the […]